What's New in Version 18

Software available to download here - Visit the TC2000 YouTube channel

March 23, 2018

  • Set line thickness on drawings
  • Adjust Volume Bars for Volume Spikes (Truncate)

Watch the What's New in TC2000 Version 18 video.

Quick overview of main new features including option contract scanning, editing conditions, multi-select alerts, conditional trading, hotkey tickets, combo lists, step-to-market order type and more.

December 7, 2017

  1. Simpler user interface to create and save conditions
  2. Conditional orders for stocks & options (available for live accounts as of 1/23)
  3. Multi-select alerts on watchlists
  4. Save your own order tickets with hotkeys, conditions & defaults
  5. EasyScan conditions can be quickly added to any watchlist
  6. Create option conditions based on underlying stock
  7. Step-to-Market(TM) and Step-to-Limit(TM) orders for stocks & options
  8. Options watchlists (up to 10,000 contracts) for multiple stocks
  9. Option strike price shows a reference line on underlying stock chart
  10. When browsing option contracts on underlying chart, the option plots below
  11. EasyScan for option chains & watchlists
  12. EasyScan for industry groups & components
  13. Real-time market counts based on your conditions
  14. Pre & Post market color on charts