Options charting like nothing you've ever seen

These charts show exactly how an option contract is tracking its underlying stock by plotting real-time bid/ask history, in-the-money value and time value. Must see.

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TC2000 | Best Interactive Charting Stock Screener | 2024

Dream It, Test It, Apply It

The condition wizard is the heart & soul of TC2000. If you can think it, you can build a condition for any indicator step-by-step. Formula writing is not necessary, but certainly available. "Flex" conditions unfold over time making a whole new world of possibilities.

Options Charting

Historical and streaming bid/ask data means you always know what the market is doing, even when no contracts are trading. Plot intrinsic value, time value and more. Once you see these charts, you'll never go back to anything else.

Stock & Option Screener

In 1995, EasyScan® could scan a thousand stocks in 2-seconds. Imagine what it can do today. Testing millions of data points for your conditions on-the-fly … will spoil you.

Low Latency Data

Whether you are changing symbols, sorting a list or plotting an intraday custom indicator, the speed from your fingertips to action is instant.

Reinventing Trading

Place multiple exit strategies without worrying about going short. Track which limit orders are closest to executing. We could have built just another trading platform. Instead we innovated time-saving concepts to keep you efficient and focused.

Unlimited Practice for Free

The fully functional trading simulator lets you practice and learn the platform. Includes a basic layout with chart, positions, trades, option chain and personal journal. No credit card required. Professors and students, please contact us to learn about the upgraded free program for high schools and universities.

Dynamic Charting

Experience stunning graphics, smooth zooming & panning, indicators applied to anything, drawing palette, unmatched feel.

Stay Organized with Watchlists

Hundreds of market index lists, sectors, industries, and ETF's are maintained and updated daily. Use personal lists, favorites and flagged items to consolidate and organize.

Option Profit & Loss Zones

Simple and brilliant. Shaded zones on your chart show you where an option contract or strategy makes money, loses money and has maximum risk. Patent-pending.

Built-In Options Strategies

Take the complex out of option strategies with one-click construction of multileg orders. Mini-pictures make it quick to see the objective of each strategy… bullish, bearish or volatility.

Alerts & Reminders

Whether you need to be reminded to come back and look at a chart again or you want to be notified when an indicator hits something, just click, set, done.

Personal Journal

Millions of notes have been journaled by TC2000 traders. There's no better way to remember the exact charts you were studying and monitor your emotions over time. Yes, trading can get emotional.

Custom Layouts

You may only need the 8 predesigned layouts, but they are so easy to customize that you'll end up building your own perfect workspace.

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