TC2000 Stock Screener

Scan, Chart, Trade Stocks & Options

Scan for Your Type of Stocks

TC2000's famous 2-second stock scanner helps you find stocks that meet your investing style & risk tolerance. Screen stocks from technical indicators, fundamental criteria and hundreds of built-in watchlists.

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Organize Your Trading

Become a better trader by jotting notes and flagging stocks. TC2000 remembers the stock charts you were viewing and organizes your notes in a watchlist. Thousands of active traders track their trading activity in TC2000 every day.

Chart to Compare Choices

This is what separates you from the herd. TC2000's exclusive locked log scaling makes it easy to visually compare trend strength & swing sizes between stocks.

Make more informed decisions with integrated stock charting software. Make more informed decisions with integrated stock charting software.

Trade stocks for only $4.95

Open an account at the affiliated TC2000 Brokerage for a fully integrated experience. Trade options for 65 cents per contract plus $2.95 base. You can place orders & track positions on your charts and in your watchlists directly from TC2000’s stock trading software. It's convenient and keeps your research and trading organized all in one place.

Chart and trade stocks in one stock trading software solution.

Expand your trading knowledge with option charts

Options offer many strategies that can be combined with your stocks for the purpose of hedging, creating income or speculating on volatility. TC2000's stock charting software includes 25 built-in strategies that can be overlaid on a chart to show maximum gain or loss at every stock price. It's a great tool to learn the strategies and get comfortable before using them with real money.

Use TC2000 for option charting and comparison.

Practice stock screening, charting and trading

All the stock trading features in TC2000 can be used with play money. Set up as many practice accounts as you'd like (they are free). We always recommend becoming comfortable with everything in the simulated environment before risking real money.

Practice and test strategies with TC2000 stock screener software.

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