TC2000 Academic Program

The ideal training software for students learning the art and science of stock and options trading.

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Hands-on simulated trading is an essential step to any student's understanding of the market. TC2000 software provides a simulated environment for stock and option tracking, trading and portfolio management .

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With TC2000, you can:

  1. Engage in guided market research and make simulated trades
  2. Track the performance of your "portfolio" based on the actual stock market movement
  3. View streaming market data
  4. Discover, use and learn with hundreds of technical indicators
  5. Plot option charts with the underlying stock to see the relationship between the two
  6. And so much more...

TC2000 offers unlimited paper (virtual) trading so you can experiment freely and learn from your experiences. It enables interaction with in-depth historical data and current information on real securities, generating dynamic examples that convey the realities of trading.

TC2000 software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Web and Mobile. Anyone with a validated .edu email address will receive $9.99 off monthly TC2000 service (this is equivalent to getting the TC2000 Silver service for free) there's no reason to hesitate.

For Students

Just as medical students learn with simulated patients and law students learn in mock courts, students in securities trading need to practice their skills in low-risk environments. TC2000 provides exactly that environment for finance students.

The TC2000 Academic Program is the ideal companion to any classroom or independent study program. It gives you hands-on experience using real market data, empowering you to move beyond the theoretical and interact with actual stock behavior.

A subscription also gives you the tools you need to learn collaboratively as a group. With the TC2000 Sharing tools you can generate a unique sharable link to your TC2000 watchlists, chart templates, portfolios or entire layouts which can be shared anywhere.

For Professors and Administrators

Studies show that experiential learning produces stronger and more lasting results than lecture formats. This is just as true in highly cerebral fields like stock and options trading, where students often don't have the chance for hands-on work.

TC2000 changes all of that. Using a realistic simulated trading platform, it lets students immediately apply their academic understanding of the stock market. As an instructor you can support discussion, collaboration and feedback with the TC2000 Sharing tools.

If you are a Professor or Administrator, contact us to find out how the TC2000 Academic Program can bring hands-on learning to your class.

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