Online Affiliate Program

Tell traders about the award-winning TC2000 software.
Earn up to $200 per eligible referral.

Join today! Call 1-800-776-4940 or email the following to:
  1. Your name, address, and phone number
  2. Company name (if applicable)
  3. Describe your business or hobby that will promote TC2000
  4. Do you have an estimate of how many referrals you might do per year?
  5. Include any websites or blogs that you publish

Ask for Gary or Ally. They'll get your affiliate account activated today and give you helpful tips on how to use the program.

You should join if you are:

  • A publisher of financial content through a website, email or blog
  • A book author
  • An investment education company
  • A creator of online trading videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • An expert at using TC2000 who likes sharing your knowledge

How it works

You will be given referral links that you can use on your website and in your emails and videos.

  • Your branded sign-up page will be
  • You can refer people to any page at by appending the URL with ?affiliateID=yourname.

When an eligible customer visits through one of your links, he or she will be cookied for 30 days. Each time the customer returns to during the cookie period, your name and offer will be displayed in the pricing page. If the customer subscribes to TC2000 on this page, the customer will begin generating commissions 45 days after the order is placed. If the customer visits from a different referral link during the 30-day cookie period, the cookie will be cancelled.

Only subscriptions placed at will qualify to generate commissions. Orders placed within the TC2000 software will not generate commissions, even if placed during the cookie period.

Who is an eligible customer?

Any person or household that has not had any active Worden service or purchased a Worden product within the last 12 months. This means you can receive commissions on past customers in addition to new ones.

5 advantages that make this affiliate program different than typical programs.

Most affiliate programs are designed to pay you a commission but not share the customer with you.

This program takes it a step further by creating a shared experience for the customer and creating a shared-sales-lead for you. After all, you sent the customer. It can be assumed that the customer may know you better than TC2000.

  1. When a customer visits your sign-up page, he or she will see your company name with any applicable bonus & discount information.
  2. At the top of every page of the order process, there will be a link to your website or blog. The customer can then continue to your site at any time.
  3. If you'd like to offer an exclusive free bonus from your company, the description will be included on your sign-up page. This helps to keep potential subscribers from leaving your page to sign up elsewhere.
  4. At checkout, the customer will be asked to share his or her contact information with you. You can use this lead to promote your own products and services.
  5. Occasionally, you'll be given the opportunity to offer exclusive discount coupons through your sign-up page. This gives customers extra incentive to order through your page.

Which Worden services generate commissions?

Commissions are generated for TC2000 Gold, Platinum and Silver subscriptions.

  • Gold generates a $10/month commission for up to 10 months (most popular).
  • Platinum generates a $20/month commission for up to 10 months.
  • Silver generates $2/month commission for up to 10 months.

When are commissions paid?

When an eligible customer subscribes through your page, a commission will be generated to your accounting ledger 45 days later and every 30 days thereafter until service is interrupted or 10 payments are made, whichever occurs first.

On the 5th day of each calendar month, a check in the amount of your balance will be mailed to you. If your balance is less than $200, it will be carried over to the following month. You will be able to access your activity and commission report at

What information do the affiliate reports give you?

The visitor's report:

  • The sign-up date, customer name, service level, number of days of contiguous active service, email & contact information (if shared), whether service is expired.

The ledger

  • Date, customer name, and amount for each generated commission.
  • Date and amount of each distribution check mailed to you.

Termination of affiliate program

Either you or Worden Brothers, Inc. has the right to terminate the affiliate agreement in writing at any time for any reason. Valid commissions will continue to be generated for up to ten months following termination.