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Thank you to all the traders and institutions who use TC2000 every day. You keep us striving to constantly improve.

Stocks and Commodities reviews TC2000 version 17

"...contains a myriad of distinct new features that make it stand out from every other market analysis software and from previous versions."

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Liberated Stock Trader

"Telechart TC2000 Won our 2018 Stock Market Software Review. Find out why it is Best for U.S.A & Canada Investors & a favorite of Liberated Stock Trader"

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Warrior Trading

"TC2000, technology that adds value… Their advanced charting tools are robust and powerful with their scanners and alerts there to make sure you aren’t missing your best setups."

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Bulls on Wall Street

"TC2000 is one of my favorite tools. In fact, I use it daily in my Day Trading Chatroom and when I teach my Trading Courses."

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Stock Market Strategy

"Probably the best charting platform out there... If that’s not enough, then the stability of the software is amazing and customer service is friendly and fast, even when asking for help to build complex custom indicators/conditions."

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"This charting software provides some of the best charting in the industry. I use it every day and it has all the tools and features I use in my daily videos"

Stocks and Commodities

2019 Readers’ Choice Awards - Voted "Best Stock Software under $500" (the 27th year in a row). TC2000 was also awarded "1st runner up Real Time Data" and "1st runner up Options Analysis Software" by the readers of Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

User reviews from Investimonials

Wonderful Features - Can't go wrong with Worden. Used it in College, using it now. Definitely some of the top of the line charting. I would say it's better than TOS.


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Liberated Stock Trader reviews TC2000 Brokerage

"Winner Best Trading Experience 2020. Best for Investors buying Stocks, Options & ETF’s directly from Charts using award-winning TC2000."

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Trading Review

"Stock trading requires logical thinking and this is where a trading and charting platform like TC2000 comes in handy. This platform does the heavy lifting for you by gathering and analyzing data thereby making it easier for you to make informed bullish or bearish moves."

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"Worden Brothers Inc. provide their clients a self-explanatory charting software tool. TC2000 is suitable for day traders and investors with a tight budget having the main focus on a rock solid charting tool and the intention to trade stocks and options."

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"For the last decade, TRADEway’s team of traders and coaches have used Worden Brothers’ TC2000 software for all of our charting needs."

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Stocks and Commodities reviews TC2000 version 18

"Worden Brothers’ new TC2000 Version 18 software adds powerful stock and option analysis capabilities that provide almost instantaneous screening capabilities."

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Day Trade Review

"TC2000’s charts are endlessly customizable and extremely user friendly. While at a glance, the charts seem similar to various other charting platforms, TC2000’s charts are actually more robust than your average chart."

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"I chose swing-trading back in 1998, with TC2000 as my guide and partner. This became a fruitful exercise in market psychology, using stock charts as pictures of the human emotions all traders experience."

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Stocks and Commodities reviews TC2000 version 16

"Several platforms and standalone software programs provide simulated accounts, but TC2000 Version 16 offers by far the most robust of any that I have tried."

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