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We are expanding our business relationship opportunities. If you provide anything similar to the following, we'd like to meet you and talk more.

A publisher of financial content through a website, email or blog

An investment education company

A creator of online trading videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Investment club leader or member

A book author

An expert at using TC2000 who likes sharing your knowledge

Insider Program

Complimentary TC2000 Platinum Service

Discounted data feeds for non-pro

Be the first to get new releases

Share new features with your followers before they go public

Offer TC2000 coupons as prizes and in raffles

Priority support and private training

Affiliate Program

Get paid ongoing commissions for telling people about TC2000 and linking them to our content. Learn more.

List your service on TC2000.com

If you provide content, education, custom development or a service that you think would be beneficial to TC2000 customers, you can apply to be listed on our online directory so customers can learn about you.

Webinar Guest

Join us on a webinar, or we could be a guest on yours.

Online Group Training

We can customize content and train your group live via zoom.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have a following of your own high-quality content, we can talk about sponsorship opportunities.

Speak At Your Event

We are available to be a guest speaker at your event.

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