TC2000 Version 23 beta

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You will be able to switch back & forth between version 20 and 23 during the beta period.

What's New

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Drag 'n Drop indicators, conditions and columns

Show/hide columns and groups

Save screen real-estate with stacked columns & horizontal scrolling

Filter directly from columns

Drag conditions to market indicators & gauges

Monitor most watched & trending stocks in real-time

Resize multiple chart panes with one drag

Much easier to overlay, rearrange and pin chart plots

Manage entire layout timeframes with new master legend

Fully redesigned condition editor is much more intuitive

Use Data Grids like scratch pads to organize indicators & conditions

Use True Return charts to get more feel for a stock's character

Toggle on past columns to see data from earlier today, yesterday, etc.

New Tag columns give you custom flagging capabilities

Easily move stocks around with new watchlist manager

Many performance improvements & optimizations

Many reported bugs squashed

Refreshed look, but still what you know and love