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Custom layouts of award-winning charts & watchlists
Gold & Platinum Also Includes
EasyScan® condition library
Filter & sort by watchlist columns
Create conditions in step-by-step wizard
Create conditions by writing formulas
Monitor most watched & trending stocks 24/7
Draw on charts using large toolset (trendlines, AVWAP, more)
Hide, show & stack watchlist columns
Turn on pre/post market mode with morning pre-buzz 1
Drill down through sectors & industries
Plot fundamentals (earnings, insider%, sales, etc.)
Spread layouts across multiple monitors
Track up to 100 alerts
Platinum Also Includes
Set filters & sorts to auto refresh in realtime or at intervals 1,2
Create market indicators from conditions 2
Monitor state of the market with realtime gauges 1,2
Show past columns from earlier in the day, week or month
Filter for specific points in time
Create unweighted price indexes for watchlists2
Get up to $300 discount per year with Brokerage Account3
Track up to 1000 alerts
Optional Data Feeds Billed Monthly
Realtime U.S. Stocks $14.99
Realtime U.S. Options $9.99
Realtime U.S. Indexes $9.99
Dow Jones Realtime $2.50
Dow Jones Delayed $1.50
MT News $8.00
Extra Alerts 100 $10.00
Extra Alerts 500 $25.00
Extra Streaming Scans 15 $39.99

1 May require realtime U.S. stocks data feed

2 These tools use streaming scans on our servers. A max of 5 can be running at a time. You can purchase extra streaming scans under optional data feeds.

3 Get a $25 discount for every month that you make a trade or have an account value of more than $30,000. Automatically applied at time of recurrent subscription charges.