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Great charting with TC2000

I like this software, and I've been using it for a few months now. It has easy to use features that vary with the package you select. I haven't needed to use their live support, but I have used their tutorials and have found them to be helpful.

- Mt2020

Simple and easy

Very good software, easy to use, easy to grasp and very user friendly. Nice drawing and charting tools with a bunch of indicators and chart types, intraday as well as EOD.

- Trader975

Can’t Trade Without it

This is my have feature. You can chart, do scans, and make lists all in one platform. They have telechart and tc2000. Its the same thing. I use tc2000 and for the price you get a lot of features.

- Tencea

Wonderful Features

Can't go wrong with Worden. Used it in College, using it now. Definitely some of the top of the line charting. I would say it's better than TOS.

- Liquidlady

TC for life

TC gives best charts, awesome scans, easiest to handle.

- Langleyedition

Fantastic Resource

Been with Worden for a long time even since college. Can't go wrong with good, raw data.

- Toddellea

Great way to organize your stocks

I have bene using this for 12 years. You can write your own scans, organize your own lists, use their awesome breadth indicators, whatever. At $30 a month (less if you pay for a few years at a clip) it's a steal.

- Mikeyboy

Customer service is good and software nice.

Telechart does the scanning well to help me find some nice trades. Customer service is good (thanks), had to call a couple times and they promptly took care of situation. Need to play with it and that gives you better results. Would like to see more tools in their system but can't complain overall.

- Ats70

Excellent customer service!!

Worden supplies great tools to investors to use. I recently sampled their Stock Finder program. Unfortunately when I first got the free trial it was of the wrong program. After talking with customer service they pointed me in the right direction. They also shut down my old trial and started my new one with extra time. Now I wasn't able to use the program fully due to lack of time so I opted to cancel my trial. They immediately saw I had been charged yesterday for the program and immediately issued a refund for me. Worden went the extra mile when I never asked for any of the things they provided. I will return to them when I have more time to fully use their program.

Keep up the good work Worden!

- TheSnowMan

Like everything the Wordens do

This is top class

- Papillion

Awesome tool

Used this tool for a few months. It's easy to use, great for analyzing groups of stocks, zooming in or out, looking at charts over different time periods, I like the 3 day charts. I think more work needs to be done on some of the intraday charting.

- Luke11

Best in Class

super fast visual scanning of entire stock lists.

quickly set customizable screens to filter thousands of stocks, indices and etf down to the best candidates for your review.

nightly market recap by the brothers is a nice read...but sometimes worthless. lol.

best stock scanner. period.

- Bundtrader


From the guys who brought you - Love it!

- StocksGirl