Probably the best charting platform out there

TC2000 Software Review from Stock Market Strategy

Worden has over the past years launched two new products, Stockfinder and Freestockcharts. Both have been well received and as you know, Stock-Market-Strategy uses both of these software's. Stockfinder was our favorite but it had its limitations as it could not run on Mac OSX but this problem is solved with the upgrade of TC2000. The new version runs on both Windows and OSX, but even better, you can access the software on any computer with internet access and it remembers your personal settings.

Some key points about TC2000

  • Its online so you can access it from anywhere including your personal settings

  • Personal Watchlist so you can build a list of your favorite stocks

  • It includes every indicator you can think of and has an easy change of settings so it matches your style of trading

  • Quick sorting of your stocks or components. For example, quickly sort for the best performing stocks in SP-500 for a custom data interval

  • Incredible fast scan of all stocks. Easy custom built scans so you can save time and focus on the trading instead of the scanning

  • Alerts on trendline etc so you will not miss a trade ever again

  • Blazing fast to look through 1000's of stocks

If thats not enough, then the stability of the software is amazing and customer service is friendly and fast, even when asking for help to built complex custom indicators/conditions.