Stocks & Commodities' 2017 review of TC2000

From the May 2017 issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazine

Worden Brothers’ TC2000 Version 17 software contains a myriad of distinct new features that make it stand out from every other market analysis software and from previous versions of TC2000. Also available is the TC2000 Brokerage, Inc., a separate company from Worden Brothers, Inc., affiliated through common ownership. TC2000 Brokerage, Inc. is a member of FINRA/SIPC. Following is a rundown of some of the interesting features of TC2000 Version 17.


DrillDown is a new, prebuilt layout designed to provide a simple top-down method of market analysis. On the top left are the 11 market sectors. Click on a sector and the industries within that sector appear on the bottom left. Click on an industry and the companies within that industry appear on the right. A customizable chart appears in the middle. To do a quick, almost instantaneous top-down analysis, you first decide on a timeframe and then do a custom date sort on the chart using the tools tab at the upper left. For the purposes of this review, I’ve chosen November 7 through the current close. Following the sort you will see, on the upper left, Financial Services,SX30, has outperformed all other sectors with a 15.96% increase during that timeframe. Refer to the watchlist on the lower left and you see that within Financial Services, the industry Capital Markets, iX1530, has outperformed the other industries with a 27.75% increase. Finally, refer to the upper right and see that Seibert Financial Corp. is the number one company within that industry and sector with a 152.46% increase. Pick any timeframe you desire using the custom date sort and quickly see the sector, industry, and companies that performed the best during that timeframe.

Trade management directly from the chart is not really new but it has been greatly enhanced since Version 16. The standard trading ticket still appears at the top center of the chart, while the enhanced "trade from the chart" tool appears at the bottom left (buy, sell, opt). Using the chart-based order tool, orders to buy, sell, and trade single-leg and multi-leg options and trade management orders can be placed directly on the chart. Positions can be managed using brackets, profit targets, stops, indicators, and trendlines. Want to close out a position that violates a trendline? Place a trailing stop based on the trendline you draw on the chart using the drawing tool. Want to try an options strategy but are not yet comfortable with your options trading prowess? Use one of the many simulated accounts available and then click on any one of the 25 options strategies, and the profit and loss probabilities will appear on the chart.

Option Strategies appear directly on the chart by clicking on the "opt" button on the lower left of the chart. The strategy ticket is divided into bullish, bearish, and volatility categories. Once a strategy is chosen, the profit and loss zones are highlighted on the chart and can be easily changed by dragging the strike price up or down, or by clicking the left and right buttons to change the expiration dates.

AutoTrack Indicator & Trendline orders can now be placed directly on the chart. PLCN is in an uptrend but has been trading sideways for the past six sessions. I placed a trendline below the recent prices and can now use the AutoTrack order at the lower left of the chart to "buy PCLN at trendline." TC2000 v17 contains a long list of indicators and trendlines, support & resistance, and regression lines that can easily be added to the chart and then used to place buy or sell orders at the indicator or line.

Notes and News dropdown has recently added a feature that allows you to automatically link the active symbol with major financial websites such as Google and Yahoo Finance pages, MarketWatch, StockTwits, and so on.

EasyScan editors and condition columns have been completely rebuilt in order to streamline building criteria using any indicator, and immediately see the stocks that meet those criteria.

EasyScan Dashboard (a feature exclusive to the Platinum version) has reports that can track multiple EasyScans at once. Counts are continually updated so that you can see stocks that meet the EasyScan criteria in real time.


Support remains as robust as ever with a vast webinar archive explaining the extensive array of tools available; tutorial videos that go into great detail on using TC2000; a discussion forum to tap into the user base; a help index for basic questions; and finally, a live chat option that puts you in direct contact with a TC2000 technician

In Stocks & Commodities’ annual Readers’ Choice Awards, TC2000 has won in the analytical software category ($500 or less) for 25 straight years. The software comes in three different plans, each with its own unique features and pricing, all detailed at What's New in v17.